One Month Later

Physiology and Philosophy

A month has passed since I finally dropped The ContractThe support has been out of this world! Sales have been quite steady and I can see the interest growing, especially as I reach out to local vendors. Even now, I am happy. As you can imagine, this has given me a boost of inspiration for working on this novel’s sequel (or prequel, since we are being technical) and it is amazing how far I have managed to come in only a few short weeks.

Since I decided to go all in and put The Contract on the independent venue, I had to put The Immortal Perception, which has been in the works since early 2014, on a temporary hiatus to focus solely on publication. I was stuck in a tough spot, anyway, so it wasn’t terribly difficult to put it on the backburner for a little while; after all, I was still writing my one-shots to keep my craft sharp. I have so many one-shots and short stories pertaining to this series in some form or another. Some even managed to be so good that I decided to write them into the story itself. For example, “The Life and Times of Gregory Watson, the Moonstone” was originally a one-shot that I felt was too important to the story not to include, thus it became Chapter 16 in The Contract.

The Immortal Perception is a difficult story to write. I am doing an immense amount of research with this, doing everything that I can to make sure historical accuracies line up as well as resonate with my own lore. I am even going to have to brush up on my old French skills for a single portion to make sure the story remains accurate. Historical fiction is in no way a cakewalk, especially for a story brimming with science and politics… it is sometimes enough to give me a good headache. However, as the most difficult project I have ever taken on, I realize that the rewards of one day publishing it will be amazing.


There aren’t many sensations in this world quite as satisfying as holding your own book in your hands. Going over old journals, TJ Maxx receipts that I jotted dialog sequences on between rushes at the front desk, and of course the many printed drafts that varied in colors because I would run out of black ink half-way through the printing process, all of these things linked together and finally resulted in creating a beautiful book that I will cherish for the rest of my life – despite how popular it may or may not become. I certainly don’t fancy myself an expert at much of anything, but I do know without a single doubt that I am a writer. I am learning new things every single day that will better my craft, things that will make the second book’s publication smoother and more prepared. This all is a grand learning experience, one that I am enjoying greatly.


The Contract: The Revelation of the Opal can be found on many online venues now! I’m thrilled to say that it can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million, along with many others. I am also learning that I need to do a better job at promoting my other social media sites, so please follow my daily shenanigans on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! As always, thank you for taking a look at my blog! It is always a welcome sight to get a new follower and a like! 🙂

M.I.H. McCool




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