New Perceptions

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Hello, everyone! Long time no see! Yes, it has only been about a week and a half, but much has happened between then and now. As you are probably aware, I managed to publish The Contract on the third of this month. It was definitely a whirlwind of a time, but now it is time to look forward to the future!

That phrase in itself is a bit of an irony because what lies in the future is a book about the past – Peter’s past, to be specific. I won’t go into detail since The Contract has only been live for a week and I refuse to spoil anything, but this will be a prequel in the Annals of the Common Beyond series. It will go much, much further into depth of a certain character that we all love to hate, finally getting a true grasp of what makes him the way that he is from his own personal perspective.

This has been an incredibly difficult book to write – tremendously more difficult than Helen’s book ever was. Not only is this historical fiction (heh…) but Perception is essentially Peter’s life before Helen, before the knowledge of the blood, and before he grew to be what he is today. It can be difficult to write a book with so much emotion, intense darkness, and historical accuracy that can still be followed by a modern audience. However, that is the next solid step in this journey, as far as the succession of the series is concerned.

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Don’t be mistaken – there’s still much left to do with The Contract. I plan on releasing an updated 2nd Edition soon, and with it will be a hardcover option. I’m still planning the details behind this endeavor. Writing a book is one thing, but when you are living on essentially minimum wage with bills and expenses galore (hooray for the early to mid-twenties, when life is like a series of struggling week to week to make ends meet!) finding the time and money to put together something like this the correct way is pretty damn hard.

All is well, though. Three days after I published The Contract, I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday. A quarter of a century old, as my boss from my night job jestfully kept reminding me. I feel much older than I am. Of course, I suppose that is the curse of the writer – you have the ability to portray a million lives while unconsciously slipping into a routine of ignoring your own remaining days. I used to think that as long as I had the ability to create my stories, it didn’t matter if I spent my life in a tiny room, away from people and things that seemingly held no interest to me. Yet that isn’t a true way to live, not only an injustice for yourself but for your art. How can one paint a sunset if you have not truly taken in the sight? How might one write of the scents and sounds of a forest if you have never left the city? How should you pen a song about freedom if you have never felt the grass beneath your feet or the sun cloak you on a summer’s day? Creativity thrives within experiences. Certainly, you can write wonderful tales without visiting far away lands or mingle with interesting people, but isn’t the joy of writing also the joy of exploration? Can one create a visionary world where a reader is suspended in believability without knowing of their own surroundings?

My dear Peter is from a village called Abbotsbury in Dorset, England. Certainly, before I am finished with his novel, I plan to take a trip there. I plan to see all of the sites that is to be included in this book, to contain as much accuracy of the land as possible – to take in the sights and smells and emotions. Though I do not wish to be an average tourist (taking selfies galore, doing the common tourist activities, and basically annoying locals) I do wish to be an inclined writer, one that knows well of the places they write about. My character might be fictionalized (again, heh…) but that does not mean that I should not remain true to the areas that he steps through. I suppose I am in pursuit of as much truth to a perception as realistically possible.

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This was the final line of Helen’s book and to this day one of my favorites. This book might never mean much to anyone else, but to me, this story has dominated my entire life for the majority of my adulthood. This story will always be precious to me. If I am the only one who finds these stories interesting… though I might be heartbroken, I will still be satisfied. I accomplished something a week and a half ago that many cannot say that they have done: at the age of twenty-four, I published my first book. This is something that I am immensely proud of. Through many trials, I refused to crack under the pressure, much like Helen. Sometimes, being cold is your only chance of survival. Then again, even those who relish the cold will long for a summer’s day.

I suppose at the end of each of my updates, I will selfishly promote my novel, because why not? Here is the link to The Contract: The Revelation of the Opal by M.I.H. McCool for your reading pleasure! It is available in the eBook format ($0.99) and also paperback ($10.33)! If you read this story, please do me a huge solid and give it a review on Amazon! I need all of the help that I can get and reviews are a quick and somewhat painless way of getting the word out to other readers! We are a community of writers and readers, friends. We need to band together to make sure that our voices are heard.

Even the undisputedly unknown, like me! 🙂

M.I.H. McCool


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