That’s All She Wrote


That’s all she wrote – The Contract: The Revelation of the Opal was published today! This has seriously been the longest week of my life. Each day seemed to drag and impatience managed to settle under my skin. But now my baby has flown away… my story is out there for anyone who wishes to read it.

I can’t say that I am not just a tiny bit disappointed. I had hoped that everything would be perfect – after all, I spent practically a year and a half simply proofreading and editing the hell out of this thing. To my knowledge, there are four errors within the 90,741 words of this book that occurred somewhere during the formatting stage. Four incredibly minor errors that most will probably overlook (for example, there is a closing quotation mark missing from one exchange) has driven me insane since I discovered them. As it is my story, I will, of course, take responsibility for them and strive to correct them when I release the second edition within the next year.

However, this managed to plunge me into a pretty deep depression for the majority of the week. My book, the one thing that I have prided myself on for practically my entire young adulthood, is to be released to the world bearing mistakes. Stupid, nit-picky mistakes that could have easily been corrected yet there was no time and certainly no additional funds (fun fact: formatting correction costs begin at about $79 and can take up to two weeks to clear.) This is my debut novel! I worked so hard to tailor my craft for near perfection, realizing an incredibly long week before publication was set in stone that perfection simply cannot exist in this world.

I’ve talked to several of my fellow writing friends. They shared with me some positivity when I was feeling like a humiliated failure. My friends pointed out several commercial successes that were filled with small mistakes (even the Harry Potter series has them!) and those editions containing the mistakes are sometimes even worth more later on. I have to admit, after doing a bit of research, this did make me feel a bit better.

Mistakes happen, I realize this. It does not make the entire project worthy of the dumpster, it simply means that as an independent author, I have something to clean up with the second edition! And who knows… if The Contract ever becomes a success story in the future, these little problems will add character and maybe even value. First editions almost always contain a mistake or two, and that is one reason why larger named works are more sought-out.


This was my first promotional photo I took, back when I was trying to create a Kickstarter to gather the funding to publish. Now I am happy that it did not go the way that I had planned. The book has transformed immensely since then, the added time added depth and more understandings of my characters. After everything and all that has happened over the many years of writing The Contract, I am thrilled that this was my debut. I am thrilled that people all over the world have a chance to read my words.

This is a link to the eBook and here is the paperback – both are being sold on Amazon. I invite any and all who enjoy psychological thrillers or are in need of a suspenseful escape from reality for a little while to give my story a read. The eBook is only .99 and the physical copy is $10.33.


So, that’s all she wrote – for now. I assure you, this entire afternoon is already dedicated to working on the next novel in the series, The Immortal Perception.

Thank you for holding tight to this wild ride with me! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I hope you plan to stay, as well! ♥


M.I.H. McCool



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