The Bittersweet

Contract Old Front Final.jpg

Well, there you have it – The Contract officially has a cover. It displays everything that I wanted to portray to my potential readers: the undeniable fact that simplicity can be just as beautiful and eye-catching as anything seen with a commercial product. As an independent author, I will do my best to ensure that my work is presented in a way that entails professionalism. I can also say with 100% confidence that I am content that this book and this series is to be my debut into novel publishing.

My friends and family have been incredibly supportive so far into this process – much more so than I admit to expecting. It is no secret that many times independent authors do not receive much support from those around them. I am blessed to not have that issue.

There will be many who do not understand this story or simply will not care for the content. I understand all too well that there will be people that will judge it critically, and I would be ignorant to say that this doesn’t frighten me at least a little.

Yet, I have said it all before in previous postings and I will here and now say it once more. My goal is to tell stories to as many people who wish to read them. I refuse to censor myself. I have never believed in the rigidity that many insist writers follow. Though there might be the slim possibility of a problem here and there in the story that I might have missed in my many, many rounds of proofreading, I can say that I did everything I could with my resources to the best of my ability. I simply write what I wish and if that upsets, that is a shame.

However, I do believe that writing is an incredibly powerful art form. With all power must be responsibility. A word can build or destroy. When one delves into the act of creating a work of controversy, one must also take responsibility for the ideas presented. I enjoy writing about things that make my readers think from a different perspective. It isn’t always easy. Great things seldom are.


The paperback copies of The Contract will cost $10.33. This was the absolute lowest price that CreateSpace allowed me to sell it for. Originally my plan was a solid $10.00. I even placed that price on the back of the cover before I knew that it would not be an option. I wanted to make my story as affordable as possible – the eBook is even priced at $0.99. As you can see in the photo above, for every physical copy that I sell on Amazon, I will get a whopping $2.06 in royalties. I only show this to you in order to make another point that I have several times mentioned before. Independent publishing is in no way a get rich quick endeavor. I do this for the love of my art and the desire to share with others my love the best way I know how. I will sell my book cheaply to give anyone a chance to read it.

Contract Old.jpg

This is the complete paperback cover and also the future jacket cover for the hardback edition when I release it later this year. My cover artist is Melissa Stevens of The Illustrated Author. She is absolutely amazing at what she does! Honestly, I was hesitant when it came to designing a cover. Yet she knew exactly how to approach this project and made my cover into a true work of art – something I hope my story can accomplish, as well. I highly encourage anyone who is searching for a reputable and reliable artist to please take a look at Melissa’s portfolio. She has done some incredible work in the past and at a very reasonable price, she will put her all into your project, as well. You can look at her impressive work at The Illustrated Author.

That being said, thank you so much for following me this far. The Contract: The Revelation of the Opal will be available for purchase on March 3rd, 2017! The pre-order for the eBook is already available on Amazon. Just so you know, I have no intention to cease updating this blog after publication. No, this is only the first step in the journey! I’m still The Undisputed Unknown, after all! It is going to take a little more than a debut to shake that title. 🙂

M.I.H. McCool


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