Annals of the Common Beyond


It is the fourth day of February. You know what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun!”  but I guess it can also fly when one is too busy to keep track.

The Contract will be published this time next month. I must admit, I have been freaking myself out much more than what is necessary (none of it is necessary, that’s the fun part!) so as you can imagine, I am a useless, nervous wreck. The final draft was submitted on February 2nd for formatting. You know what that means – no more editing.

No more proofreading.

No more changes.

This is it. The final countdown and the last stretch. I am thrilled! Ecstatic, really. After years and years, all of it is happening. A dream is coming true before my eyes. However, what happens after a dream comes true? Do things revert to exactly how it was before, or will it set the ground for something more? You’ve guessed it – I am thinking way too deeply. I have a pretty active imagination and it is simply my way of dealing with uncertainty. Every possible and even highly unlikely scenario have crossed my mind at least once or twice.

So, besides the occasional panic, all has been well. I found a fabulous cover artist and we are set to begin later this month after we have the formatting finished along with the bio and the back cover text. And after that… well, you know the rest. I have had a ton of support from friends and strangers alike. That is so important and appreciated.

In case anyone is wondering what the title of this entry means, I’ll go ahead and spill the beans. Annals of the Common Beyond is the title of the series. Yes, I said series. The Contract is the first book in what will likely be a trilogy. The second book, which is the prequel to the first, is called The Immortal Perception and it is nearly finished with the first draft.


At this point, I can’t really reveal what Annals of the Common Beyond means without spoiling anything, but it truly starts to take place in Peter’s book – where everything unfolds in its entirety. Thinking of the direction that this series is going in is thrilling. More than that, I am just so excited to be able to share it with you. Finally, I get the chance to really share my stories with the world.

Therefore, thank you again to all who have followed me this far. We are almost at the next point of this adventure. And I still have faith.

M.I.H. McCool


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