The Goldman Moment

And now, for your entertainment and immense pleasure, it is time for M.I.H. McCool’s “Goldman Moment” :

Just a casual thought for this Sunday afternoon…

In this so-called war between the deplorables and the snowflakes, has it not yet occurred that perhaps pinning the country against each other is EXACTLY what a certain group of people want? While the media covers vandalism and hate, the good also being done is either written off as foolish or simply ignored altogether. Take a look around. Times are frightening, and it is not so much because of who took office but what will result from it. Family and friends attacking one another because of differing points of view. Old ways not so long ago dismissed as degrading and obsolete have the opportunity to rise again based on the thought that things were simpler, in a time most arguing for was not even born yet or were too young to remember how it truly was. Sure, times might have been simpler if you were of a particular group, but what about the rest? What of the people who do not belong in a classification that symbolizes what is deemed to be ‘normal’? What about the people who struggled their entire lives for an opportunity at success, love, and happiness, in a country that promises liberty for all, yet are continuously held back? I can’t tell you how many posts I see on my newsfeed are bashing, friends and strangers alike slinging insults and wishing horrors on one another, and for what? Can people not have opposing views and peacefully disagree anymore? Or perhaps that is the root of the problem – we never could to begin with.

Despite popular belief declaring otherwise, I’ll have you know that I truly have faith in humanity. I have to. There are too many wonderful people with pure intentions in this world that might not get as much attention as others, and it is a shame. Somewhere in this country is our nation’s future president. There are tomorrow’s doctors, performers, writers, truck drivers – you name it. In order to raise the future to be the best that they can be, we need to show them that while we might be different, we are still a mosaic of differences collectively creating a union. We have made so much progress that it can be easy to forget that there is still so much more to be done. It only takes a few to bring us back down, and of course that is frightening. However, I still have faith.

Of course, what do I know? I’m twenty-four, struggling to go to college and work several jobs to half-way make ends meet. My love is writing and maybe performing on a stage a couple of times a year. I am not a politician and I will never pretend to be, but let me tell you what I will never deny – I am an American woman with ideas and experiences. I was taught that I have the ability to spread my voice and make a difference. Well, maybe writing a long status on a social media website won’t accomplish anything. Maybe after spending an hour debating whether or not to upload I’ll end up deleting this before I press publish. As hostile as people are at the moment that would probably be a safe thing to do, as I am in the middle of releasing my novel and putting anything online that might endanger its success would be incredibly risky. Then again, life is risk.

And I still have faith.

M.I.H. McCool


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