What exactly is The Undisputed Unknown?

Hello and welcome!

You managed to come across this blog of mine, and for that I’m pretty grateful. As proven in the past, I can be downright terrible at keeping up with social media. However, there is a reason that I decided that creating a blog on WordPress would be a sensible thing for someone like me to do.

Number one, I am a writer. Yeah, yeah, I know – that’s probably a given, considering that I did manage to create this blog. It seems to me that there are many people that claim to be writers and it can be a little intimidating attempting to make it into this industry because of this. You know what? I get it and I even applaud it. This is a time where more and more people have access to information and also have the opportunity to express with the art of language. Yet people should know that when delving into this sort of lifestyle, the writer’s world is not one of glamour and fame. It’s not about oodles of money and it certainly isn’t about the possibility of movie deals. It’s about jotting down plot twists on the back of a receipt when working in retail and waiting for your customer to come to your checkout counter. It’s about listening to a new song and realizing that it would be great for writing inspiration. It’s about never, ever giving up when your precious short story has been declined time and again by every single magazine you submit it to without much insight as to why it isn’t selling. It’s about researching Best Sellers and learning the tools of the trade while keeping in touch with the spirit that made you fall in love with writing in the first place. It’s not just about deadlines and word counts, it’s also about describing the world from a new perspective.

I knew that I was going to be a writer before I could write my name. That sounds cheesy and a bit extreme, but let me explain. My dad used to work with computers back in the old days where printer paper had those nifty tear away edges and came folded up in a large box. As the young opportunist I was, I would steal his expensive paper and draw all of the stories that popped in my head. Most were about child witches learning how to control their powers because I was completely obsessed with Tabitha from Bewitched or angels with the number 4 on their foreheads because… well, why not? You can imagine how delighted my parents were when they would see my eerie drawings and contemplate whether or not these were normal things for a kid of three or four to be drawing. Thus began the greatness that would inevitably evolve.


Me pretending to turn my brother into a toad because I didn’t realize this was a Tinkerbell costume.


Number two, I created The Undisputed Unknown because I have a specific purpose. I want my writing to touch people, near and far. Somehow or another, I want just an ordinary person to be influenced by a story that I cultivated from nothing but a simple idea. That’s a pretty arrogant request, you may be thinking, and written down like that, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that. However, I consider each of my projects as my children. I pound a bit of my soul into each key I press on the keyboard. I’ve drained countless pens dry of their ink over my course of literary prowess’s and I have a bookshelf of nothing but journals and notebooks filled with dialog, brainstorms, and story ideas. I’ve skipped so many nights of sleep to complete chapters and go to school the next day only to spend the class time writing more ideas instead of notes. Writing has been and always will be my true love.


A very small portion of my massive journal/notebook collection.


The Undisputed Unknown is my attempt to record my journey into the world of becoming a published author. Yes, I have been published many times before. My first publication was at the age of ten, when a poem was put into a coffee table book of children’s poetry called the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. Since then, I’ve had poetry and short stories published in anthologies and web magazines, yet I feel that it is finally time for me to step into the waters of self publication with my latest novel The Contract, a story about a young psychiatric nursing student that trades her soul for the secret of immortality.


The Contract, coming early 2017!


So there you have it, ladies and gents. It is my goal to keep it 100% real with you and post this rocky road to publication, as it is no easy task and has already been quite the long, grueling process. Some days I question if my story is even ready to be read by people outside of my group of betas. I have been writing and rewriting and editing nonstop for the past three years, and I’ve come to the point that if I do not release this that it will never see the light of day. Therefore, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t post often or go ghost for a bit, yet I’ll try hard to maintain this page for all to see!

That being said, it is nice to meet you, and thank you for stumbling across The Undisputed Unknown. I hope you’ll stick with this wild ride with me.


M.I.H. McCool




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